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Welcome to Willowby Heights Guest Rooms!

Our facilities, located in St. Philip’s Parish on the South East coast of the beautiful island of Antigua & Barbuda in the Caribbean comprises of seven (7) beautiful single unit Guest Rooms overlooking Willoughby Bay and Crossroads Centre, Antigua. The international drug/alcohol and chemical dependency treatment center founded by singer Eric Clapton.

This Spectacular view of Willoughby Bay, Crossroads, and Horseshoe Reef is one of which we are most certainly proud.


Our location, just a 10 minute drive away from one of Antigua’s most beautiful beaches, and the once rated “Best Beach in The World,” Half Moon Bay, affords visitors to Antigua one of the best beach experience they will ever have.


Half Moon Beach in Antigua

About Us

Willowby Heights Guest Rooms is a locally owned business started, and principally operated by owner Keithroy Brodie a young entrepreneurial-minded Antiguan from Freetown in the Parish of St. Philips in May 2002.  Mr. Brodie observed that their was a serious need for guest residential facilities in close proximity to Crossroads Rehabilitation Centre, especially for family members of clients who could afford to travel to Antigua to participate in Crossroads’ monthly family program which is so essential to the recovery of clients who are admitted to Crossroads for treatment.

From this observation he set out to construct a residential facility that offers its guests the friendly personal touch that visitors are too often deprived of when they stay at the larger hotels on the island. Though only seven (7) units have been completed to date, he intends to add more units to the present structure, which will be followed by the construction of a similar structure on the western side of the property.

Despite providing residential facilities for guests of Crossroads being the principal reason for its start-up, Willowby Heights Guest Rooms caters to visitors to Antigua for all purposes including vacation, honeymoon, business, relocation, etc.

Willowby Heights Guest Rooms, we will treat you like family!

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